So, I made this deal with myself that I would make two blog posts each week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I made this decision when my life is being thrown into chaos yet again with selling our house, buying a house, the move itself, and of course the ongoing editing, rewriting, and revising of Within the Petals.

What was I THINKING???

I need to make such commitments though, because I am VERY skilled at the fine art of procrastination, and of making excuses about why I can’t write.  I even did it a few posts back when I renewed this blog (yet again!).  I wrote about not being able to do any writing when I was in Kansas City this past spring for the birth of my granddaughter.  WHAT was keeping me from writing then though?  Did I really have any valid excuses?  Do I ever?  Does ANY writer?

I’m leaning toward believing that no, there are NO valid excuses for not writing, at least not for me.  Okay, yeah, sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I have other commitments that take priority…

But WAIT!!!  How can anything else take priority over the thing that makes me the most ME?  Why is anything else more important than the thing that makes me feel fully ALIVE?  How can I not make time for the thing that NOURISHES my SPIRIT?

Yet, I tumble off the Word Wagon repeatedly, and have to struggle to pull myself back aboard.  WHEN will I learn???

Even when I’m busy, I can take SOME time each day to devote to writing!  I’ve shown that for the last three weeks when I’ve done 750 Words every day—the big test on that will be when we’re in Jacksonville next week.  I’m going to PASS that test though!  Hell, I’m going to get an A!!!

I know from experience that even when I’m tired, writing gives me energy.  I need to do it the MOST when I feel I’m the least able to do it!  Today is one of THOSE days!  We had a handyman here doing repairs on Monday and Tuesday, so we were up earlier than usual, and today, although I slept later, we painted the ceiling of the front porch (in the heat, and some of the time, in a thunderstorm).  When I realized it was Wednesday, so I needed to write a blog, I groaned and thought, “Oh, no!”  But now, after writing about writing I feel MUCH better, more focused, more HAPPY.

MAYBE I’ll even be able to write a drabble for Shared Words, because I’ve fallen behind!

I will just need to keep remembering WHY I write during the coming months, when I KNOW I will often be busy and tired and have pressing commitments.

I have to WRITE!!!  I will accept NO excuses from myself!!!  And this blog?  It will keep going and going and going…

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