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Yeah, I know, the last time I revived this blog I was REALLY going to DO it!  I do have a good excuse though, and I will take a few paragraphs to share the amazingness of my beautiful little granddaughter, Soraya Jade Standifer! I made my last blog post on April 2, and planned to […]

Coming Soon!!!

October 15th, 2011

Hello friends and blog readers!  I’m adding a new section, focusing on the words–it’s even called ‘The Words,’ original, huh?–since they are so important to me.  I’ve been madly in love with words as long as I can remember!  I love to play with words, to dance and sing with them, so of course, I […]

I seem to have a big problem with procrastination.   And success.   Actually, perhaps I ONLY have a problem with success, which manifests itself in the form of procrastination… or maybe I’m just lazy…?  And wishy-washy.   Case in point–THIS BLOG!  I started it about a year or so ago, and have done virtually nothing […]