The next SEVERAL weeks ‘The Words’ will be dedicated to the sharing of my fanfic opus.  Of course, I’m writing it from MY perspective, based on MY fantasies–I’ve even sort of used MY name!–but there’s a little more to this story than that.  Years ago, (at least eight, possibly a bit more), I sent a video […]

I’m back to blogging, and enjoying it…except for one thing, NOBODY’S reading this! Okay, I’m exaggerating (as I have a tendency to do).  Deneen, my wonderfully supportive and amazing editor, is reading some of it, and also commenting, and others have been coming to this site—I know, because the counter tells me so—but if they […]

I’ve had some trouble deciding what to share in this week’s sample of ‘The Words,’ but I finally settled on some poetry. It’s from the summer of 2004, when my life was in utter chaos, and I was birthing the ME that I am now. None of them are titled, because for some reason I wasn’t […]

So, I made this deal with myself that I would make two blog posts each week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I made this decision when my life is being thrown into chaos yet again with selling our house, buying a house, the move itself, and of course the ongoing editing, rewriting, and revising of Within […]

The ceremony itself had been rather a blur to me —perhaps due to the numerous drinks my cousin had been pouring down me all afternoon while she was doing my hair and makeup. Lynn had known I was nervous, but I don’t think she suspected what I had been wondering all day, what I’d been […]

They say that life imitates art, or perhaps it’s the other way around, but there is definitely a relationship–at least in MY life and MY art. During the past week Lee and I have decided to sell our house, and when we got a realtor, she told us “less is more,” (I could rant on […]