Welcome back! This week’s installment contains the critical moment in this story, the one I’ve felt the urge to correct ever since I saw this movie in early 1973.  If only I had imagined fanfic! Anyway, let’s return to the ongoing adventure aboard the capsized Poseidon…   On her way back to where she’d left […]

As I said last week, when I was seventeen I carefully put Roddy McDowall away in the deepest, darkest corner of my heart.  I moved on like he wasn’t a part of my life anymore, although he was still there each and every moment. Is it any wonder that I so strongly identified with Helen Reddy’s song […]

When we left Julia Finney and Liam Acres, they were still near the ships’s kitchens, as other survivors of the Poseidon’s capsize were climbing up the Christmas tree from the dining room.  The plan was to climb up to the bottom of the ship, since any rescue would have to come from there.  In Athens,  Juliana Acres, […]

Again, Wednesday’s blog is arriving on (just barely) Thursday.  Hopefully, this is NOT a trend! I’ll continue my journey with Roddy where I left off…   The main thing I wrote over those years, from the time I was about thirteen until I was seventeen, were letters: letters to Roddy McDowall.  I wrote often, pouring […]

When we left Liam Acres and Julia Finney on the SS Poseidon, it was nearly midnight and everyone aboard the ship was getting ready to celebrate.  In Athens, Liam’s sister, Juliana, was attending a New Year’s Eve party with other employees and friends of the Greek Majestic Line.  All was merriment as those last few moments of 1972 ticked […]

First, let me apologize for being a bit late with this week’s Wednesday blog.  As I was doing my 750 Words today, I thought, ‘Oh!  It’s blog day, I need to write something.’  Before I could fully process that thought though, another quickly followed: “Oh, NO!!!  That was yesterday!”  So, you’re getting this a day […]