First, thank you to our wonderful SharedWords tech guru, C. Scott Davis.  Without you, Scott, this blog would not be possible, nor would our amazing SharedWords site!

Second, but first in my heart, a huge thank you to my partner in writing and life, Lelisia Hall.  Your steadfast friendship, love, support, and faith in me brought me back from a life lived under glass and I will be forever grateful.  Carpe diem, Lee!

Rod, thanks seem so inadequate. Who would’ve guessed when I saw you all those years ago that you would be such an influence? You are so often my Muse and always a huge part of my life. You live on in my heart and I will love you with my last conscious thought. Some say it can’t be real, but my feelings for you haven’t wavered in nearly forty-five years.  Thank you for everything, Roddy McDowall!

Next, to my family and friends, especially my three beautiful daughters, Jessica Mobley, Amanda Schelp, and Caroline Standifer, and my parents, Ken and Penny Carriker, my deepest love and thanks. I know this journey with me hasn’t always been easy, and that sometimes you didn’t/don’t know what to make of me, but nevertheless you love and support me in all I do.

And thanks also to my SharedWords family: Deneen Ansley, Laura Beth Caldwell, Sue Bowers, Joel Byers, Mark Davis, Kirsten Ireland, Mike Bernier, Maria Alvarez, Allison McVann, and once more, Scott and Lee.  It has been an honor sharing creativity with all of you!  I have learned so much from reading your work and I deeply appreciate your thoughtful comments on mine.


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