I’m back to blogging, and enjoying it…except for one thing, NOBODY’S reading this!

Okay, I’m exaggerating (as I have a tendency to do).  Deneen, my wonderfully supportive and amazing editor, is reading some of it, and also commenting, and others have been coming to this site—I know, because the counter tells me so—but if they are reading, they aren’t moved enough to comment.  Blogging has almost become like journalling, or 750 Words: writing I do for me.  As much as I like writing just for myself, that’s NOT what I want here!  I want feedback!  I want interaction!  I want CONTACT!

And, yes, I’m being needy again, but I AM needy, and that’s the fact of it!

The big questions are:  1)Why aren’t people responding to this blog? and 2)What can I do to get them to respond?  And if I knew that, I guess I would have nothing to write for this week…

Are my mental wanderings too personal and Julie-specific for anyone else to bother?  Am I THAT self-involved?  What else can I write about besides what I know and what I feel deeply?

Do I simply not know how to draw in an audience?  Or is it that I don’t engage my audience?

Or (GULP!!!), is what I write BORING???  THAT would be a huge blow to me both personally and professionally!

Maybe it’s the fact that I started this blog so many times and then didn’t follow through with it after a couple postings…?

Writing is most often a solitary pursuit—but oh-so-amazing when shared with the right co-writer!  Blogging is supposed to be SOCIAL writing, so there are supposed to be other participants besides the blogger.  Right?

And I have to admit that I’m not a big blog reader and commenter myself, not even with the blogs of my Shared Words colleagues, so I don’t suppose I have any room to complain.

So, readers out there in cyber-space, let me appeal to you once again, PLEASE let me know you’re dropping by!  Feel free to ask questions and to offer comments, critiques, suggestions.  I’m here, and I’m going to keep being here, whether anyone comments or not, but it would certainly be more helpful and satisfying to me if we could get a little conversation going.

Until next time…

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