A Trio of Poems from 2004: The Summer I Found My Voice

Posted July 21st, 2012 by Julie Carriker

I’ve had some trouble deciding what to share in this week’s sample of ‘The Words,’ but I finally settled on some poetry. It’s from the summer of 2004, when my life was in utter chaos, and I was birthing the ME that I am now. None of them are titled, because for some reason I wasn’t titling poems then. They are also short, which is somewhat unusual for me.


A spark of friendship

Sharing and laughter

Encouragement and trust

Warming, greeting

Bursting into a flame of love

Passion and yearning

Desire and comfort

Burning brightly



Well, I don’t like the line spacing here, and don’t know how to fix it.  To me it makes poetry disjoined having so much space between lines.  I often see poems visually, as on a page or screen, and write them accordingly.  I’d forgotten this blog set-up was that way, so if I can’t control how my words and lines are placed, I’ll probably not post much more poetry.

Here’s another, darker, one, also from that time.



Sitting in my empty room

Listening to sad songs

Tears running down my face

Missing you


And the last of this trilogy.  I really want every other line indented, but can’t get it to happen here.  All a part of my frustrating day…  Maybe I’ll write a poem about THAT!


Surrounded by others

yet feeling alone

Searching, but failing

never finding the One

My life was settled

And so had I

I’d never reach the heights

never I’d fly

Finding a friend

showing the real me

Past becomes future

it’s all yet to be

Discovering each other

remembering too

Comfort and passion

familiar, yet new

An amazing journey

taken together

Perfect love and trust

we have forever


I was kind of all over the emotional map, but that’s just how I am. I wish there was more of an audience for poetry these days, because I would like to do something with the MANY I’ve written. Maybe I’ll find a way.

Again, I REALLY don’t like the way this is formatted, but don’t know how to do anything about it.  Thanks for reading!

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