Spring Cleaning

Posted April 2nd, 2012 by Julie Carriker

Spring has sprung, as they say (actually, that happened well over a month ago here in Savannah, but who’s counting, right?), and with it come thoughts of the future as well as the life-changing events I’ve experienced during this season.  I’m in an organizational and  reflective  mood, which has led me to make some conscious changes in my daily life and to read through some of my NUMEROUS unfinished pieces of writing—WOW, I do have a bunch of them!


Is it egotistical to think, while reading, that most of the things I’ve written are very good?  I know confidence in one’s abilities is a positive trait, but I’m not certain my feelings about my writing don’t sometimes—okay, maybe MORE than sometimes—border on, or cross the border on, conceit.  Hmmm…  I guess my feelings for/pride in my writing are much like those for my children, so maybe it’s NOT so arrogant, because they are their own entities, not simply my creations…  Does that make it all right?


So, I’m spring cleaning my life and my writing files, and in the process I’ll be posting more in my ‘What I Did For Words’ and ‘The Words’ categories here, sharing some of WHY I’ve written and also WHAT I’ve written over the past eight or so years.  Perhaps some of you will comment and help light a fire under me to get some of my long-neglected projects FINISHED.


Yesterday I posted the Prologue of One Last Dime, the first novel I began seriously writing, in late March of 2004.  It is a story VERY personal to me—yeah, as most of what I write is—and I have been doing the same thing with it that I have done with so much of what I’ve written.  I’ve held it close to me, loving and nurturing it, keeping it “safe.”  Safe from WHAT?  Safe from WHO?  I don’t really know.  It’s not like someone’s going to hurt its feelings or beat it up!  This is something I need to work on.  I did it pretty well with my girls—letting go—so WHY is it SO hard for me to do it with my writing?


Yes, THAT is the BIG question, I think!


The things I have to say through my writing won’t really mean much if I don’t SHARE the writing!  So, be warned, dear blog readers—there ARE some of you OUT THERE, aren’t there?—I’m going to start sharing!


REALLY this time!

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