My Soft Underbelly

Posted October 18th, 2011 by Julie Carriker

As I go through my poetry, preparing to share more of it here, I am reminded of the EXTREMELY personal nature of this work, and ponder the wisdom of revealing so much of myself.

In the summer of 2004, I was privileged to attend a class/writers’ workshop through The Writers Place and the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Kansas City, MO (some poems written during that experience will be posted soon).  The facilator, Maureen, said something that strongly resonated with me, and it is something I have tried to incorporate into my writing AND life.  She said that a writer is someone brave enough to show his or her soft underbelly to the world.


This is SO true!  How can one write–and expect anyone to READ or CARE ABOUT it–if one is not honest enough to show the deepest, darkest, craziest, most sensitive parts of him/herself?  Readers deserve honesty, and to me, that means being COMPLETELY honest and candid, especially with myself.  It means being true to myself and to who and what I am.


I’ll admit that it is uncomfortable sometimes, like when I was posting the October 1998 poem, but that piece speaks the truth of what I was feeling, so if I am going to share my writing at all, I must be willing, EAGER even, to share it.


So, hang on, dear blog readers, A LOT of soft underbelly is going to be displayed here!  Hopefully, you will enjoy this journey with me.


And PLEASE, let me know you’re visiting from out there in Cyber-land!  LEAVE COMMENTS!


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