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Posted October 15th, 2011 by Julie Carriker

Hello friends and blog readers!  I’m adding a new section, focusing on the words–it’s even called ‘The Words,’ original, huh?–since they are so important to me.  I’ve been madly in love with words as long as I can remember!  I love to play with words, to dance and sing with them, so of course, I want to share my passion through my completed, and even nearly completed,  works.


Here I’ll share pieces, or parts of pieces, I’ve written.  Many will no doubt be poetry, since that plays a huge part in my life, and also lends itself well to short format (something I’m generally VERY BAD at!), but I’ll also include excerpts of longer pieces, including the novels I’ve been working on with Lee, and even other novels that haven’t really gone anywhere (yet!).  I may even find some OLD things I wrote when I was in college (and I may rewrite some of them).  And, as always, I am EAGER for your comments.


I’m currently taking some time from shining and polishing Within the Petals, Lee’s and my first novel (yes, AGAIN! another ‘definitive’ edit), to dig through my files for things to share, and I expect I’ll write some pieces especially to post here.  As I said when I re-launched this blog, I’m trying to “get myself out there.”


So stay tuned!


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